Donkey Kong Land III

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The most recent game in the DONKEY KONG LAND series of games for the Game Boy is the biggest and craziest yet! In DONKEY KONG LAND III you'll play as Dixie and Kiddie Kong in a side-scrolling action adventure. Now, in addition to Dixie's speed and gliding abilities, you gain the power of the over-sized toddler Kiddie. This little guy is just about as strong as Donkey Kong himself, and while he may be a bit overzealous at times, his strength is sure to come in handy. They are joined by dozens of animal friends looking to lend a hand however they can in over 30 levels of platforming action, spanning a wide variety of locales. DONKEY KONG LAND III has some absolutely stellar graphics and animation, thanks to the ACM graphic technique, and offers battery backup to save your progress! From the Manufacturer You've never seen a Donkey Kong game like this before! There are surprises galore as Dixie Kong and Kiddie Kong journey through brand new levels in search of the Lost City. Dozens of all-new friends will help them out while new enemies menace the duo every step of the way.

  • Side-scrolling adventure
  • dozens of animal friends
  • over 30 levels of action
  • wide variety of locales, battery backup
  • stellar graphics and animation