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Product description THIS IS FOR THE SONY PLAYSTATION CD-ROM VIDEO GAME VERSION. Now we have the sequel, and it's not at all nice, either. The immediate attraction to Jet Moto 2 lies in the variety of tracks offered. The original stuck mostly to a safe compilation of sand, sea, and snow-based courses, which is fine, but didn't give much room for creativity. And while its follow-up does feature its fair share of deserts and mountainsides, it does so with extreme and creative touches: A remote desert location leads up the side of a lava-spewing volcano, and the lava really does hurt. The level Aftershock takes you from a wreckage-filled ocean into the remains of a toxic, quake-ridden Los Angeles. And Rollercide leads you along the tracks of a demented carnival's roller coaster. By far the most insane of this berserk cocktail is Nebulous, the demonically difficult finale that guides you through the heavens and into… well, you'll see. These bizarre levels take the Jet Moto series yet another step away from the traditional racer and are rescued from the threat of "gimmickiness" by the perverse and detailed humor that SingleTrac so deftly displayed in its awesome Twisted Metal series. Jet Moto 2 suffers from many of the same problems as the first Jet Moto. While it is basically just a racing game with an aerial twist, overall playability suffers due to the difficulty of turning at high speeds. As before, different racers ride on aerial jet bikes. Each character has a corporate sponsorship and a different set of advantages and disadvantages. However, no character is easy to master. In addition, you must come in first in each race to advance beyond the first three races. This is plenty difficult, and the muddy graphics don't help much. While the courses add interesting elements such as water, lava, and other obstacles, the proper pathway is often unclear due to poor graphics or badly designed levels. Overall, this is a fun racing game for the hard-core racing fan, but those who really want to fly are better off with something that offers clearer graphics. Another problem stems from the fact that if you knock another racer off his or her cycle, but the cycle goes forward, then the recent victim of your assault starts where his or her cycle stops. This location is usually in front of you. So it's actually better not to hit them at all. The lack of replays in this version is helpful, and Jet Moto fans will appreciate the upgrade. Still, for a really stellar racing game, look elsewhere. --Allen Stewart Pros: No boring replays Better graphics than the first Jet Moto A real challenge to win Fun tricks possible Cons: Jet bike is too hard to control View is awkward and at times confusing Unclear levels--where's the finish line? See all Product description

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