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Platform:PlayStation Product description A Gothic Tale Straight from the Grave, Challange the Powers of Darkness and untold Magic.... One hundred years ago, in the land of Gallowmere, an evil wizard was defeated by the honest citizens of the land. You are a knight that died in the first unsuccessful charge against the wizard's army, but the king, in need of a way to inspire his embattled people, gave you both a hero's burial and the credit for victory. Now the wizard has returned from the dead with a mind for vengeance, and you've been brought back from the dead to stop him. Perhaps the world's least worthy hero, you set out to save the land once again--for the first time. The animation and humor are reminiscent of Tim Burton'sThe Nightmare Before Christmas. If this alone isn't enough to thrill you, the difficulty level will. This is one of the few games that seems to keep itself near the perfect level--difficult enough to keep you interested, easy enough to keep you from getting frustrated. The perspective perfectly complements the gameplay and animation style: the 3-D follow-cam allows you, in most places, to look around with ease. And you'll want to take time to see the sights, since the game looks as good as it plays. This game isn't just for the hard-core gamer. It's for everyone. --John Cocking Pros: Cartoon zombies Gentle learning curve Goofy good looks Cons: Killing zombies can get monotonous Addictive See all Product description

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