NASCAR '98 - PlayStation

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Product description Intense NASCAR Action with Screeching Burnouts, Spinouts with popping roof flaps, Emergency vehicles on the track. Racings Ultimate Judge. From the Manufacturer Introducing the NASCAR lifestyle with an Electronic Art Sports attitude. Nascar 98 laps the competition with the hottest racing license on the market new head-to-head racing and unrivaled ability to recreate the Nascar racing experience. Compete against 24 authentic Nascar drivers and cars. Listen to real pit crew audio from a former Nascar spotter and enjoy a star-studded southern rock soundtrack that will engulf you in the Nascar environment that is so real you might as well be at the raceway. See all Product description

  • 1-2 Players
  • High Performance Racing
  • In Depth Car Set-Ups
  • EA Sports Attitude
  • Head to Head Racing