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Product Description Rayman Greatest Hits combines a challenging nonlinear platform style with striking animation. Come face to face with over 50 outrageous creatures in six mind-boggling worlds, in over 30 different levels. Accumulate and put together your skills as you advance, helping Rayman defeat his bizarre enemies, rescue his friends, and restore peace and harmony to the world! Amazon.com Many of the games in the budget-priced Greatest Hits series are showing their age, but Rayman's old-school 2-D technology ironically gives it an edge in terms of longevity. This still is one of the most beautiful, fun, and imaginative side-scrolling platform jumping games ever released. You control the now-famous Rayman, a strange character with no arms or legs (although he has feet and hands) and a propeller on his head. Some may look at this as just another game where players run around and jump all the time, but the charming graphics and incredibly tight controls elevate Rayman into special territory. The difficulty level is just right at the beginning, letting players get a feel for Rayman's basic moves. Later levels require more advanced tricks and precise jumps, but the game is never unfair--something few 2-D side-scrolling games can claim. If you can get past the too-cute graphics and see them for the lush, imaginative visuals they are, the gameplay should keep you hooked for days. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Imaginative graphics and smooth animations Tons of levels to explore Cons: 2-D confines can make things a little dull after hours of play

  • K-A Rating
  • 1 Player / Memory Card 2 Blocks
  • Menacing opponents that learn your playing style to defeat you!
  • 70 surrealistic levels
  • Over 50 demented characters!