Resident Evil: Director's Cut

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Best Playstation Game Overall! Zombies, an old mansion, and limited ammo. What more could you want? Resident Evil: Director's Cut plunges you into the world of B-grade zombie flicks, and does a first-class job of it. From the cheesy dialogue and voice acting to the confusing camera angles, you'll jump and squirm through a series of mind-numbing puzzles and heart-pounding attacks. The trick is: conserve your ammo, and learn to run. The game is interspersed with movie-style cut scenes that all too often annoy rather than elucidate. The gist of the story is this: you and your special forces teammates have come to investigate the disappearance of the last team, and you have no idea what you're getting into. You spend the rest of the game trying to find your way out of the mansion in which you're trapped. The bottom line: If you like zombie flicks, buy it, play it, love it. And the best part--try blowing the zombie dogs' heads off with the bazooka. --John Cocking Pros: Scary sound, camera angles, horror-movie action Sense of dread, dropping ammo count Zombies Cons: Horrible dialogue Back-tracking for puzzles The bazooka won't blow open a door See all

  • 1 Player
  • RPG
  • Sony Playstation
  • Rated M for Mature