Rugrats Search for Reptar

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Product description Playstation 1 video game disc Rugrats: Search for Reptar is a challenging 3-D adventure game based on the familiar Nickelodeon cartoon series. Fans of the show will encounter the entire Rugrats gang, including Tommy, Angelica, Phil and Lil, Chuckie, Stu, Spike, and Grandpa. Your goal is to seek and find pieces of Tommy's lost Reptar puzzle, which are scattered across 10 basic and 6 bonus levels. As you look for the pieces, you'll travel through several strange scenarios, including a trip to the grocery store with Tommy and Grandpa (where you must dodge spinning sodas and mean lobsters). You'll also help Grandpa find his lost teeth while dodging evil geese in a maze of bushes. Other cool adventure areas include an egg hunt, a circus, and a game of miniature golf with windmills and uneven greens. As in the cartoon, the game's graphics are relatively simplistic. However, the camera angles do get a bit dicey at times, since the kids' big heads can often block your view of the action. In addition, the frequently shifting perspectives sometimes result in a sudden reversal of your control response, which can be frustrating during time-sensitive moments. Nonetheless, this 1999 winner of the Parents Choice Award for the 4- to 10-year-old category is a great way for parents and their young children to play together. --Kasty Thomas Pros: Kid-friendly gameplay Based on the animated hit TV series Cons: Camera angle problems can hinder gameplay See all Product description

  • Disc plus hard plastic protective replacement case only. Disc condition ranges from flawless to scratched but is guaranteed to work.