The Unholy War

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Shipping calculated at checkout. When developers blend strategy games and arcade games, the result is often a somewhat diluted hybrid that fails to appeal to either type of gamer. Miraculously, The Unholy War does an admirable job of blending both genres. The meat of The Unholy War is a lightning-quick, 3-D arcade combat engine that lets a variety of inspired units duke it out in various combat arenas. The units have strengths and weaknesses that play off one another in the ultimate game of rock-paper-scissors. The strategy portion of The Unholy War adds an extra layer to the gameplay and complements the tactical combat nicely. Here, players move their combatants across a strategic map, attempting to place units on spots where the terrain offers an advantageous position. Units gain some extra abilities on the strategic map, which can be used to better secure a position, and when two units meet on the map, gameplay switches immediately to the arcade-combat mode where a victor is determined. It's a challenge making certain your units are positioned correctly, and the fun explodes when you play against a friend. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Very good 3-D graphics Arcade game can be played separately Strategy elements add depth Cons: Strategy fans may not like the steep reflex requirements Review The Unholy War is a fast-paced real-time battle game that features a few minor strategy elements. It comes from the creator of such classics as Star Control and Archon, and many similarities to these games can be drawn. The game features a wide variety of very unique characters that all have special weapons, which are used to annihilate each other in a true 3D arena. The game has two modes of play. Combat mayhem is an arcade-styled 3D weapon-based fighting game. You select one of the two races to battle with (each team has seven characters to choose from). Your opponent, whether human or computer controlled, selects which fighter he'll send into battle. Once one of the characters is destroyed, the loser picks another fighter from his team to battle. This goes on until all of the characters from one team have been defeated. The second mode of play, combat tactics, lets you position your characters on a hexagonal board. Each player takes a turn and is allowed to move his characters. Every time you take a turn you are rewarded with points. These points can be used to purchase reinforcements and initiate a special attack from the board. Once two characters meet on the board, a real-time battle begins. The Unholy War, at its roots, is basically a game of chess. Both sides have characters with their own individual attacks. You strategically move these pieces on a board. And once you reach an opposing character, a battle ensues. Since each character on both teams has its own individual strengths and weaknesses, it's critically important to choose the right character to use against each foe. This strategic angle of the game is limited and simply adds more to do in the game than just battling. The control is elegantly basic. You can use either the D-pad or analog stick to control the characters. Each character has three forms of attack ranging from laser blasts to punches. The fourth button is used for jumping or, for certain characters, flying. Graphically, Unholy War is beautiful. The polygonal characters all look amazingly detailed. The lighting effects used give life to the explosions and energy weapons. The 14 different maps that you fight on all look great and all have unique terrain, weather, and obstacles. The intelligent camera is fantastic; it zooms out when you and your opponent get some distance between each other and then zooms in when you get closer. Overall, Unholy War is a really fun game, especially when playing with another player. However, the AI of the computer is really good, and you can have fun fighting it out alone as well. The only negative side to the game is its lack of depth. The combat tactics mode really doesn't offer that much more to the game. Yet, the two-player mode is so much fun that you'll play it again and again. --Ryan Mac Donald --Copyright ©1999 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of GameSpot is prohibited. GameSpot and the GameSpot logo are trademarks of GameSpot Inc. -- GameSpot Review

  • 1 or 2 Players
  • Fourteen 3D environments
  • Fourteen unique characters
  • 2 modes of play: Mayhem and Tactics
  • Bonus Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver demo